What You Should Know About Your New Card

Members Credit Union has mailed its members' new Visa debit and credit cards to current cardholders as we change our card processor. 

Outline art of a credit cardThings To Know: You must activate your Visa debit or credit card to avoid any service interruption by July 26, 2021. This change will not affect any ATM Cash Cards. Your new debit card should start with the numbers 4869 3300, and new credit cards will start with 4430 1200.


  • Activate your NEW card as soon as you receive it.
  • Choose a PIN you can remember. Never write down or share your PIN with anyone. 
  • Switch your automatic payments to your new card.

To Activate New Card and Select New Pin 
Please Call 866-762-0558 to Activate and Follow Prompts. 

Previous Hanesbrands members with card numbers that starts with 456411 will NOT receive a new card.

If you are a cardholder with Members Credit Union and did not receive your new card, please contact us at 800.951.8000 option 5.