Welcome HBCU Members!

*All balances have been transferred from HBCU to MCU and HBCU debit and ATM cards are up and running so you can access your money.

Hanesbrands CU and Members CU have merged. Here is some important information for members who belonged to Hanesbrands CU who are now part of the Members CU family.

What will my member number be?

  • Your MCU member number will be your current HBCU Member number with 22 placed at the beginning. For example: If your current HBCU Member number is 1234567, your MCU member number will be 221234567. If your HBCU member number is less than seven digits we will place zero(s) between the 22 and your member number. Example: your HBCU member number is 54321, then your MCU member number will be 220054321.

What will my checking account number be and will my drafts and direct deposit post?

  • Your checking account number will change. You will receive new checks by the end of August that will include your new MCU checking account number. Be sure to update your checking account and routing and transit information for any bills you have automatically drafted after August 31st. You can also enroll in MEMCU Online or Mobile and view your checking account number (Micr number).
  • Members CU’s routing and transit number is 253177793. HBCU’s routing number will not be valid after August 31st.
  • Your direct deposit will post to your MCU Account automatically after August 30th.

Will I get a new Debit Card or ATM Card?

  • If you have a Debit Card or ATM Card with HBCU you will not be issued a new card until your existing one expires or you request one. Your Debit Card and ATM Card number and information will remain the same.
  • After September 3rd you can keep your current Debit Card or ATM Card and you are also welcome to sign up for an MCU branded VISA Debit Card that gives you access to nearly 30,000 CO-OP ATMs nationwide.

How will this affect branch location and service hours?

  • HBCU’s last day of business was on Thursday, August 29.
  • On Tuesday, September 3 your HBCU branch located on Museum Drive in Winston-Salem will open as MCU. The office hours will be 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. You will also be able to use any of Members CU’s 15 branch locations in NC including our branch at 446 E Hanes Mill Rd in Winston-Salem (in the Oak Summit Shopping Center). You will also have FREE access to over 5,000 CO-OP Shared Branches Nationwide (find a branch at co-opcreditunions.org/locator).
    You will receive two statements for the month of August; one from MCU and one from HBCU.

What else can I expect to change about my account(s)?

  • MCU’s minimum account balance requirement is $25. A $3 low balance fee is assessed when an account balance is below $25 on the last business day of the month. MCU will refund low balance fees charged for August to HBCU Members.
  • If you have a CD with HBCU, you will earn the same rate until the CD Matures. You may renew your CD with MCU. Please view our current rates included with this welcome letter.
  • Members CU does not offer a 3 month or 30 month CD, however, we will honor the CD holders who currently have these CDs until those CDs mature. These CDs will be converted by name only to a 6 month CD and 36 month CD. For example, at the time of the merger, an HBCU CD that matures in 3 months will be given the product name 6 month CD but will have the same term and rate as the 3 month CD did before the merger.
  • HBCU members over the age of 60 with a money market account will have their money market rolled into an MCU Super 60 account in order to earn the best dividend rate.
  • Members with Individual Retirement Accounts will receive an Amendment IRA Contract to sign before the end of September 2019, to confirm MCU as the Successor Custodian of the IRA. Members that are already 70-1/2 years old and who are eligible for - or already receiving - Required Minimum Distributions will also receive new RMD paperwork, for MCU to set up those automatic payments.

How do enroll in MEMCU Online and Mobile?

  1. Visit our home page memcu.com and click on MEMCU Online under Sign In. You can also download our mobile app from your mobile phone’s app store, available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. From the sign-in page, click on the link, Enroll Here and enter your last name, social security number, date of birth, zip code and create a unique login ID.
  3. The next step is to complete verification with a secure access code (SAC). You will be asked to select where you would like your SAC code sent. You may select to receive the SAC by email, text message or voice message. As soon as you select how you want to receive it you will get a message with your SAC and you will enter the code in the SAC field on your screen.
  4. Continue past the profile page. You will be able to update your address once you're logged in.
  5. Accept the end-user agreement.

If you enroll in MEMCU Online or Mobile before the August 31st merger date your balance will show $0 at Members CU until the merger completes.

How do I sign up for Online Bill Pay and eStatements?

Once you are enrolled in online and mobile banking, log in and select the service you want to opt into from the left side vertical menu. For eBill, select Make a Payment and then Bill Payment.

To get started with Bill Pay you can add a payee (need biller’s information) and make a payment. You can pay a company, person, or financial institution with funds from your checking account.

To enroll in eStatements you will select services from the left menu and then eStatements. Accept the eStatements end-user agreement and follow the prompts to set up. You can only sign up for eStatements if you are the primary account holder. If you are not listed as a primary on any account on our system you will receive an error message.